The necessity of getting your work out there

The first of my work I tried to get published through a literary agent was Regression. It was the first novel I'd written, completed, edited, and was satisfied with and confident could get published. Obviously that didn't happen. I'm not bitter but naturally that rejection was difficult. Since then I've become used to rejection, to criticism--as … Continue reading The necessity of getting your work out there

The universality of Tom Ripley

I'm writing this to tell you a little about myself and more to encourage you to read the Ripley series--known by fans as 'the Ripliad'--by Patricia Highsmith. As is interestingly posited on Amazon's pages for the five Ripley books, Tom Ripley "is an unmistakable descendant of Gatsby, that 'penniless young man without a past' who will … Continue reading The universality of Tom Ripley