L.L. Press is open for business

logo 2.15.30 PM

As promised last month, I have opened a small publishing company.

L.L. Press has incorporated as an LLC with the New Mexico Secretary of State, has been issued an EIN by the Internal Revenue Service, and a business bank account has been opened for it.

In short, we are live!

Check the site for upcoming releases, buy eBooks directly from our store, and learn how to submit your own works to us for publication.

Currently only Effusion is available for purchase on the site but on Feb. 8, Most Unnatural will be available, and on Feb. 10, so will Days of Fury.

At the start of March, a short story titled “The Bear Business” will be made available for free on the site, as well as other distributors such as Barnes & Noble and Amazon. This short story will serve as an introduction to the fiction of L.M. Stockton, whose full-length novel The Valiant Wayfarer will be released on March 15.

In other news my fourth book, a true-crime book, will be released on June 4 and will be available at the L.L. Press website, Amazon, iBooks, and other retailers. More details in the coming months.

Thanks for keeping up.

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