“Days of Fury” coming

dof.jpgOn Feb. 10 I will publish my third novel, “Days of Fury.”

It’s a murder-mystery set in Minnesota/South Dakota in the mid-1980s.

Nine-year-old Ryan Strand disappears one winter day and Det. Tom Losnedahl is called in to investigate. He finds a number of plausible suspects, including Ryan’s parents, aunt, uncle, and his best friend’s parents.

But then Tom learns of a South Dakota church that professed to be able to ‘cure’ homosexuals before it was shut down. A priest who worked at the church had a history of child abuse and used to be Ryan’s family’s priest.

Could this be Ryan’s abductor? Are either still alive?

The biggest question is can Tom stay on the abductor’s trail even as his own alcohol and cocaine addictions spiral out of control?

I came up with the idea for this book during a trip to Wyoming in 2014. The denouement came to me in a dream, if you can believe that. From there I worked backward, teasing the story out, and took extensive mental notes of both Wyoming and the Minnesota/South Dakota/Wisconsin areas, where I have extensive family.

As a writer I try not to write anything unless it has something original to say and is not predictable. Murder-mystery/detective fiction is possibly the most employed genre of fiction. Much of what I have read in this genre is superficial and meant purely for entertainment’s sake.

While I do not consider myself a reader of exclusively brilliant literature, I do like to read stuff that has been thoroughly thought out, whose characters have been developed, that doesn’t employ clichés or trite plot lines.

So, as a writer of mystery fiction, I can say that I have put all of these characteristics into my own work and hope the story does more than entertain you. I hope that it resonates with some part of your heart, your brain, and remains with you long after you finish it.

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